Nov 17


(Dubai, November 17, 2019) CMC Electronics is pleased to announce that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved an STC to install CMC Electronics’ SBAS-capable CMA-5024 GPS on B737NG aircraft to comply with worldwide ADS-B Out mandates as well as SBAS/GPS navigation enabling the world’s first LPV approaches for B737NGs. CMC’s solution, developed in collaboration with the FAA’s Navigation Programs office, offers operators the advantage of a cost-effective alternative to replacing their current multi-mode receiver (MMR).

The CMA-5024 is an approved DO-260B ADS-B Out positioning source that may be paired with any DO-260B compliant transponder, allowing operators to meet FAA and EASA ADS-B Out requirements, the UAE’s ADS-B Out and RNP requirements mandated by GCAA as well as India’s GAGAN requirements

The CMA-5024 is the first and only solution available today that is approved to introduce Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) on B737NG aircraft. With the CMA-5024, the B737NG aircraft can take advantage of Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) navigation throughout all phases of flight.

An LPV approach is the highest precision GPS instrument approach available not requiring specialized crew training. It aims to reduce costs associated with flight delays or cancellations and provides airlines with a safe approach into airports when ILS is unavailable. 

Claude Chidiac, CMC Electronics Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said: “CMC is proud of this collaboration with the FAA that enabled us to be the first in the world to introduce LPV in addition to an approved ADS-B Out solution for the popular B737NG aircraft. Our solution offers operators a way to avoid large capital investments in new aircraft, a burden to airlines in an increasingly-competitive fare structure. In addition, our solution future-proofs our customers, by offering a simple upgrade path for their B737NGs to benefit from advanced GNSS functions such as GBAS GLS, Galileo, Beidou etc.”

The CMA-5024 meets the requirements for an IFR civil certified Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and is compatible with all SBAS systems operating around the world such as WAAS, EGNOS, GAGAN and MSAS. SBAS augments GPS to provide an extremely accurate navigation solution throughout all phases of flight, from departure to en-route, through LPV CAT-l equivalent approach. The CMA-5024 complies with published Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) navigational mandates.

EASA approval of the STC is in progress. Future growth to GBAS GLS precision approach capability may be obtained by upgrading to CMC’s new CMA-6024 GPS/SBAS/GBAS receiver system.

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IntegriFlight™ - CMA-5024 Aviation SBAS Receiver

IntegriFlight™ - CMA-5024 Aviation SBAS Receiver