CMC is offering an ‘end-to-end’ solution for avionics SW development on CMC smart platforms (CDMS, MFD and PU). This solution consists of the MOSArt platform, the SIMphony development support tool and the capability to provide complete applications or application components.

It allows system integrators to make the most efficient use of their resources and decide on in-house development or outsourcing of one or more of the applications that need to be hosted on the platform.

CMC guarantees full support during development and certification, even taking the responsibility of first-line support for third-party tooling. Consequently, as problems pop up, this increases the efficiency of the overall design cycle.


The Modular Open System Architecture (MOSArt) concept is the mainstay in a wide range of aircraft cockpits since many years. Its modular approach offers soft- and hardware flexibility and guarantees fluent system integration and certification.



Based on an Arinc 653-compliant kernel, the MOSArt platform can host multiple applications with potential different DAL levels onto one processing platform. In addition, you can assign different criticality levels to each MOSArt partition.

As a software platform, MOSArt drives down the total cost of ownership (TCO) and strongly increases the mean time between failures (MTBF) by combining different functions onto one HW platform. This stability is of critical importance to the performance of a cockpit’s visual system.

MOSArt comes with a complete certification package up to DO-178B/C Level A, encapsulating the RTOS’s certification artifacts and clearly marking what tasks the final software integrator will need to perform. CMC has the necessary experience in this field, having performed many EASA, FAA and TCA-product certifications.

Key characteristics

  • Full support and flexibility during development, certification and maintenance phases
  • Time, spatial and IO software segregation
  • Preservation of intellectual property
  • Easy integration of many functionalities in one box
  • Flexibility toward future evolutions
  • Reduced development effort and cost improved reusability
  • Easy obsolescence management
  • ARINC 653 compliant
  • Certifiable up to DO-178B Level A
  • Reduced time to market
  • RTOS support for Green Hills Integrity-178B tuMP and WindRiver VxWorks653


SIMphony is an avionics software development and validation support environment running on standard PC equipment. It enables host-PC development of MOSArt applications as well as full control over the embedded target interfaces. SIMphony supports the full SW design cycle in three domains:

Application development

  • No target HW needed
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Early validation of HMI
  • Early validation of logic
  • Fast development & debug cycles
  • No specific tooling needed

Interfacing with prototype HW

  • Complements prototype HW
  • Early integration on target CPU/GPU
  • Early validation of real-time behavior
  • No other interface tooling needed

Simulate the HW

  • Simulate interfaces
  • Record & playback scenarios
  • Inject protocol errors
  • Validate test scripts off-bench