Display Solutions

Video Displays

Your video streams visualized with the highest quality under all conditions

The CMC family of video displays consists of products that display one or multiple video streams of the highest quality, in a safe way, under all environmental conditions. A CMC video display forms the ideal front-end for all PART 23, PART 25, PART 27 and PART 29 electronic flight instrument or mission systems.

Depending on the application and installation requirements, various sizes, input formats, control signals and HMI options are available or can be offered.

Sizes and Resolutions

Sizes and Resolutions

Several of these displays are also available within the MFD-3068 Series of Smart Displays


Video Displays

Video interface capabilities

Up to 6 analog video inputs can be fed into the displays of which 2 can be shown simultaneously.

  • Composite (PAL, NTSC, RS-170)
  • RGB (VGA to XGA; SoG or +H,+V)
  • STANAG 3350 B & C.

Up to 2 digital video inputs can be fed into the displays.

  • DVI
  • Arinc-818
  • HD-SDI (SMTPE-292M)
  • Optionally, proprietary input formats also could be supported.

Key characteristics

  • Environmental qualification to DO-160/MIL-STD-810
  • DO-178B/C and DO-254 certified up to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A
  • Luminance stabilized over time and temperature ranging up to 300fL
  • Wide color range with stabilized white point over time and temperature
  • Wide viewing angles up to +/-80° H & V with the possibility to apply custom filtering and collimation
  • High contrast
  • NVIS Class B compatibility
  • Several control options, including RS-422, Arinc-429 and discretes
  • Various bezel options, including pushbuttons and up to 4 rotary switches
  • Safety critical multi-touch touchscreen option