Frequently Asked Questions

Head-Up Display (HUD) Repeater

Can the HUD repeater display both the video from the camera and the HUD symbology?

Yes, there are two modes. One where the camera is mounted aft the combiners and the second where the camera is mounted forward of the combiners. In the second scenario, the HUD symbology is overlaid electronically.

Is it possible to change the contrast between the background camera video and the HUD symbology?

Yes, for the configuration where the HUD symbology is overlayed electronically on the background camera video.

Is the image on the repeater readable in bright sunlight?

Yes, the brightness capability is over 250 ftL.

Why is LED backlighting used?

LED backlighting replaces the older fluorescent tube technology. It has higher reliability which means much lower cost of ownership.

Can the HUD Repeater function as an MFD?

Yes, when configured using CMC Electronics's Mission Computer. Bezel keys are required for page selection, however.