Frequently Asked Questions

Up Front Control Panels (UFCP)

What determines the mode of operation for configurations with a UFCP in the front cockpit and a Rear UFCP in the rear cockpit?

The last entry, whether from the front or rear UFCP, takes precedence.

Are the UFCP functions programmable?

The UFCP is completely programmable from the mission processor. Key labels are easily changed to match the operational requirements.

How is the LED and panel brightness controlled?

The LED brightness is set either from a control knob on the front panel or from an external brightness control in the cockpit. Panel brightness is set from a master cockpit control.

Are the LEDs sunlight readable?

Yes. The brightness/contrast ratio provides easy reading in direct sunlight.

Is the UFCP NVG compatible?

Yes. The UFCP is Gen II and Gen III compatible.