Frequently Asked Questions

IntegriFlight - CMA-4124 GNSSA OEM Aviation GPS Receiver

What is the CMA-4124?

It is an OEM aviation GPS receiver module made for incorporation into avioncs systems and boxes. Certification has been granted for the CMA-4124, easing the incorporation of the CMA-4124 into any host system.

Why are 2 RF decks offered?

The CMA-4124 offers maximum performance and flexibility as either a candidate for LAAS Ground Station applications or for Air Transport CAT-III applications. In LAAS ground stations, the MLA requires that two RF feeds be processed. In Air Transport, two RF-decks provide the additional integrity checks to meet or exceed Hazardously Misleading Information and Continuity requirements. Should it be desired, one of the RF-decks can be de-populated as required.

What OEM support is provided with the CMA-4124?

CMC Electronics provides full environmental (DO-160D) test facilities, full qualification test support, and certification support. Standard software/CMA-4124 combinations include "certification on a card", easing the certification burden at the host level. Specific customer solutions are supported with an outstanding aviation system/certification engineering team.

What is certification on a card?

CMC was first in the aviation industry to receive "certification on a card" from Transport Canada and subsequently from the FAA. Certification on a card was explicitly sought to ease the customer certification effort at the box level. "Certification on a card" ensures that all design and development processes were followed and have met or exceeded DO-178B Level B and DO-254 Level B as well as all performance aspects prior to incorporation into a host system.

What is the long term availability?

The CMA-4124 is the latest aviation GPS receiver produced by CMC and was developed to support GPS Precision Approach to CAT-IIIb. CMC has secured the required Long Term Agreeemnts (LTAs) from its suppliers and is in a position to do the same with its customers. CMC understands and supports aviation, certification, and all aviation customers.