Frequently Asked Questions

IntegriFlight - CMA-5024 Aviation SBAS Receiver

What is the CMA-5024 certified to?

The CMA-5024 is certified to both TSO-C145 Beta-3 and TSO-C146 to support maximum navigation accuracy and best integrity and to provide LPV (ILS CAT-I equivalent) approach capability. All software and hardware are designed to DO-178B and Do-254 Level A, certified to Level B.

How is the CMA-5024 integrated in the aircraft avionics?

It will integrate with any FMS that has an ARINC-743 interface. The LPV function can be installed as a stand-alone capability using a separate control head or it can be fully integrated with a FMS.

How is the LPV function integrated in the aircraft?

The selection between ILS and LPV approach is under flight crew control. The crew selects the type of approach and the CMA-5024 performs the switching function. The CMA-5024 has a built-in High Integrity Switch (Level A switch) that enables switching between ILS and LPV approaches.

How is the LPV database handled?

The CMA-5024 can host several copies of the entire world-wide SBAS database. Each copy needs about 3Mbytes. The CMA-5024 has a 32 Mbyte capacity, well in excess of what is required. The CMA-5024 will also accept the FAS data block from the FMS, assuming the FMS hosts the database.

What are the benefits of a CMA-5024 over other types of SBAS solutions?

The CMA-5024 was designed to be a "bolt-on" installation minimizing any impact on the existing avionics. The CMA-5024 can be easily installed in either existing aircraft with legacy avionics or new aircraft as an integrated solution. Once installed, the CMA-5024 can be easily upgraded to LAAS and new SATNAV systems as they become available.