Frequently Asked Questions

IntegriFlight – CMA-5025 GPS Landing System (GLS) Control Panel

When do I need a CMA-5025 Control Panel?

When the CMA-5024 Aviation WAAS receiver is used a stand-alone LPV receiver (as Delta-4 receiver), the CMA-5025 will be required to select the LPV approach or when the CMA-5025 is used as a back-up Control Panel when integrated with a FMS.

To what certifications does the CMA-5025 conform to?

It conforms to RTCA/DO-229D and RTCA/DO-253B for alpha-numeric display and selection of either SBAS or GBAS approaches. The first certification will be to TSO-C146B

Does the CMA-5025 support growth to GBAS?

Yes, it will handle all tuning and control functions to support selection of GBAS approaches. Please note this will require the CMA-5024 Aviation WAAS receiver to be upgraded to GBAS functionality and certification.

Does the CMA-5025 connect to any other avionics?

Each CMA-5025 was designed to connect to one CMA-5025 Aviation WAAS receiver. The CMA-5025 is not connected to any other avionics.

How does the CMA-5025 and CMA-5024 connect and how do they function?

The CMA-5025 may be connected to any one CMA-5024 Aviation WAAS receiver. If there are more than one CMA-5024 receivers, the CMA-5024 receivers are connected to each other and will cross-talk all approach data resulting in all CMA-5024s tuned to the same approach. Once an approach is selected, all CMA-5025s or FMSs will indicate the same selected approach. Please note that the last selected approach becomes the selected approach.