Frequently Asked Questions

IntegriFlight™ - CMA-6024 GPS/SBAS/GBAS Receiver System

What is a CMA-6024?

The CMA-6024 is a high-performance civil aviation GPS/SBAS/GBAS precision approach receiver system and it contains two receivers in one enclosure. The first is a GPS/SBAS/GBAS navigation receiver and it delivers both SBAS/LPV/LP and GBAS GAST-C precision approach (GAST-D will be provided when the certification standards are completed). The second is a high-performance VDB receiver; it receives GBAS transmissions from GBAS ground stations located at/near the airport and provides the raw data to the above receiver.

What features does the CMA-6024 provide?

The CMA-6024 is a complete GPS/SBAS navigation receiver and it satisfies all of the positioning requirements for ADS-B without waiver or exception and it delivers RNP0.1 navigation performance continuously.

As a complete, self-contained SBAS/LPV/LP and GBAS/GLS precision approach receiver, it provides ILS look-alike LOC and GS guidance and it does not require any FMS support. Both digital ARINC-429 digital and CSDB interfaces are built-in and are available. Conversion to analog interfaces requires an additional converter unit.

Other features include a Have Quick time interface, a Doppler radar Velocity Sensor emulation (used for helicopter hover stabilization). Other features are available, please contact CMC to learn more.

Finally, the entire CMA-6024 receiver system is certified to Design Assurance Level A, the highest safety-of-life assurance level there is. Simply stated, the CMA-6024 has been designed to support CAT-IIIb GBAS Precision Approach with built-in Fail Safe and Fail Operational capability.

The CMA-6024 is certified to TSO-C145d Beta-3, TSO-C146d Delta-4, TSO-C161a, and TSO-C162a. The CMA-6024 is future-proofed and supports additional SBAS satellites (PRNs from 120 to 158). When GAST-D certification standards become available, the CMA-6024 is certification ready with built-in Fail-Safe and Fail Operational capability and a future software upgrade.

What advantages does the CMA-6024 offer?

Because it is a complete, self-contained, SBAS/GBAS precision approach system, expensive integration with a FMS is not required to enable either SBAS/LP/LPV or GBAS/GLS in any retrofit application.

The CMA-6024 has an exceptional, high-performance VDB receiver specifically designed for retrofit. That means any existing VOR antenna can be re-used.

Since the CMA-6024 has a built-in ARINC-739 capability, a control panel is an option. If the aircraft has an existing MCDU with ARINC-739, it can be used as a CMA-6024 control panel.

Generally, the Have Quick timing interface is available only from a SAASM receiver. The CMA-6024, a civil-certified receiver, provides the Have Quick interface and a SAASM receiver may not be necessary.

With the CMA-6024, a Doppler radar Velocity Sensor (DVS) may be replaced with a GPS-derived DVS look-alike velocity sensor(GPS Velocity Sensor or GVS), especially for helicopter hover stabilization. All known DVS systems are emulated by the CMA-6024.

What are the CMA-6024’s benefits?

Since it is a self-contained system, expensive FMS modifications are NOT required to enable either SBAS LPV/LP or GBAS/GLS. The CMA-6024 was designed to fit into any aircraft as a bolt-on solution (rather than modifying the aircraft around a “solution”). It’s a bolt-on solution.

As long as the FMS “understands” ARINC-743, then the CMA-6024 navigation data can be used to enable GPS/SBAS/GBAS navigation. Plug and play.

Its total DAL-A certification ensures a trouble-free retrofit/certification of LPV or GLS in a CAT-IIIb certified aircraft or enabling RNP0.1 in a RNP-capable aircraft. Maximum performance without any reservations or unexpected installation cost.

The high-performance VDB receiver does not require a VHF antenna – the existing VOR antenna can be reused. This saves time, effort and cost that a new VDB antenna would require (such as re-mapping the aircraft electromagnetic compatibility). No worries.

The Have Quick timing capability is provided by a civil certified GPS/SBAS/GBAS receiver – the CMA-6024. If security stringency is an issue with a SAASM receiver, it isn’t with the CMA-6024. Maximum practicality.

Why consider the CMA-6024?

Outstanding performance. A one-box solution. Self-contained system designed for easy retrofit. Severe environmental operation, dependability and survivability. Outstanding reliability and MTBF. And Price – the CMA-6024 is the most cost effective, maximum benefit civil aviation GPS/SBAS/GBAS solution there is. A world-class CMC GNSS team stands behind its products. Ultimate customer satisfaction.