Frequently Asked Questions

CMA-2102SB SATCOM High Gain Antenna System

The CMA-2102SB is an ARINC741 antenna - don't you need an ARINC781 antenna for SwiftBroadband operation?

ARINC741 is a current specification and addresses SwiftBroadband requirements. The CMA-2102SB exceeds the applicable minimum requirements in ARINC741 for SwiftBroadband operation. The CMA-2102SB is fully approved by Inmarsat for multi-channel SwiftBroadband operation under approval AHCM01.

What is required to upgrade an existing CMA-2102/2102LW antenna?

The CMA-2102 does not support SwiftBroadband services, but is upgradeable via installation of the CMA-2102SB antenna. The CMA-2102LW may be readily and economically converted to the SwiftBroadband-certified CMA-2102SB via CMC Conversion Bulletin CMA-2102-23-12. Please contact CMC for details.

Does the CMA-2102SB support Aero-H, Aero-H+ and Swift64?

Yes, the CMA-2102SB supports Aero-H, Aero-H+ and Swift64.

What aircraft is the CMA-2102SB factory certified for?

The CMA-2102SB is line-certified for the Boeing B777 and for the Airbus A330, A340 and A380.

Why select the CMA-2102SB over another HGA?

The larger aperture of the CMA-2102SB provides the extra antenna performance at low elevation angles necessary for superior worldwide coverage on long haul aircraft. This is particularly critical on polar routes and at satellite crossovers. The CMA-2102SB as part of the CMA-2102 family also has outstanding demonstrated in-service reliability.