Frequently Asked Questions

CMA-2200SB Swiftbroadband SATCOM Intermediate Gain Antenna

What is involved in the installation of the CMA-2200SB Intermediate Gain Antenna?

The narrow width of the CMA-2200SB IGA means that an adapter plate is not required to mate it to the aircraft fuselage. Since there is no adapter plate, the overall system weighs significantly less and has fewer parts than most other systems. The 115 VAC or 28 VDC operational capability gives the operator flexibility on the power supply selection.

What Satcom terminals will the CMA-2200SB work with?

The CMA-2200SB conforms to ARINC 781 requirements and is compatible with ARINC 781 systems.

What current services and future SwiftBroadBand (SBB) services will the CMA-2200SB support?

The single channel CMA-2200SB offers single-channel SBB or classic Aero-I. The multi-channel CMA-2200SB offers single-channel SBB or classic Aero-I, simultaneous single-channel SBB and single-channel Classic Aero-I, and simultaneous multi-channel SBB. Both single- and multi-channel variants are compatible with future SBB safety services.

What data rate is possible with the CMA-2200SB?

Typical average throughput of 332 kbps per channel with peak rates of up to 450 kbps are possible due to the exceptionally high performance of the CMA-2200SB.

If Inmarsat decides to offer more than 2 SwiftBroadband channels in a Class 7 (intermediate gain) system, will the CMA-2200SB support this?

Yes. The CMA-2200SB IGA has been verified to handle RF power in excess of the Inmarsat specification. The CMA-2200SB has been approved for 4 channel SBB operation as of June, 2012.