PilotView® Electronic Flight Bags

PilotView® Crew Information System

CMC’s Crew Information System addresses the ever increasing requirements for information sharing associated with cockpit, cabin and aircraft maintenance systems. In conjunction with CMC’s new PilotView® Aircraft Information Server, this product line delivers an integrated aircraft information management server that enables a wide range of cockpit and situational awareness applications.


PilotView® Crew Information System

PilotView® Aircraft Information Server

PilotView® Aircraft Information Server

CMC’s Aircraft Information Server bridges the connectivity gap across cockpit, cabin and aircraft maintenance systems, and addresses the ever increasing requirements for information sharing across multiple aircraft domains.

Application Server at the Core

CMC’s AIS can operate as an onboard application and database server, while interfacing with an extensive list of aircraft systems. The AIS closes the loop between cockpit, communication and navigation services to offer a higher value for operators, with applications coupled to multiple aircraft Line Replaceable Units (LRUs).

  • Advanced Crew Applications
  • Moving maps with real-time weather and integrated flight planning
  • Flight/Crew Operations Applications
  • Performance and documentation applications
  • Integrated Maintenance Applications
  • Electronic techlog and data loading support

Saves Time and Money

From a cost benefit standpoint for OEMs and airlines, CMC’s suite of products:

  • Offer scalability and room for future growth, minimizing the financial and down-time impact of configuration changes.
  • Reduce the flight crew’s workload in all phases of flight, allowing for greater efficiencies both in the air and on the ground.
  • Reduce the complexity and implementation costs of similar systems where up to three distinct LRUs are required to address networking, data control and security constraints.
  • Allow for expansion to wireless connectivity in the cockpit and cabin.

Key Features

  • Managed Network Switch – delivers 1GbE/100 Base-T switching and routing with support for carrier-grade network security and firewall features
  • Application, Media and File Server – supports OEM or Operator applications within a Linux and/or Windows® OS environment
  • Aircraft Interface Device – supports certified aircraft interfaces, including ARINC 429, 615, 717 and discrete signals
  • Tablet Support – Integrated server architecture supporting agnostic software services for both wired and wireless tablet data communications

PilotView® CMA-1612

CMA-1612 12.1” EDU

Safety is paramount when you decide to incorporate any type of electronics in the cockpit. That is why all Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) systems built by CMC Electronics (CMC) undergo the latest environmental and test procedures for airborne equipment.

Designed for the Cockpit

In addition to operating in the toughest cockpit environments, CMC’s CMA-1612 features the latest technological elements available on the market today for a display and processor tablet combination.

  • 12.1” LED display
  • High contrast ratio (400:1)
  • Windows™ 7 operating system
  • 2.0 GHz Intel® Core™ i7 processor
  • 4 GB RAM, 2 Mbytes of processor cache
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Optional Integrated IEEE802.11 a/b/g/n
  • 80GB+ of solid state storage

Tested for the Cockpit

Every CMC EFB is subjected to testing for temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, voltage spikes and electromagnetic effects — like any other aircraft equipment. Our EFB systems are designed with cost-effective scalability and growth in mind, often without the need for Line Replaceable Unit changes or downtime.

Built for the Cockpit

With more than 3,000 PilotView units delivered to Business Jet, Commercial Airline Operators and Aircraft OEMs, CMC’s Electronic Flight Bag is designed with the cockpit in mind.

  • Advanced crew applications
  • One-touch situational awareness
  • Dependable avionics grade hardware
  • State-of-the-art processing capabilities
  • Certified for Class 2 and Class 3 usage
  • Internal battery backup

PilotView® CMA-1310 10.1” Tablet

CMA-1310 10.1” Electronic Display Unit

Extraordinary display characteristics and processing capabilities for cockpit and situational awareness applications.

  • Avionics-grade hardware package certified to DO-160G
  • Flexible and integrated suite of communication interfaces
  • Solid state drive storage for data integrity
  • Integrated tablet authentication mechanism
  • Installation with PilotView AIS, AID/EMU, or as stand-alone system

PilotView® CMA-1100 Mk3

PilotView® CMA-1100 Mk3 8.4

The PilotView® CMA-1100 Mk3 is the new standard for CMC’s line of 8.4” EFB systems. With many of the features found only in Class 3 EFBs, such as "FMS-style" line select keys, a high-resolution fully dimmable display and integrated communication capabilities, the CMA-1100 Mk3 EFB is an ideal system to meet the varied requirements of business jet operators and the air transport market.

Unique User Interface

With its industry-unique integrated “FMS-style” sliding keyboard, line select and bezel keys as well as its touchscreen, the CMA-1100 Mk3 supports various application data entry and navigation capabilities for pilots. When coupled with CMC’s advanced applications, the PilotView® CMA-1100 Mk3 EFB increases situational awareness in flight with approach charts, moving map display, and graphical weather information.

Built for the Cockpit

Compact and lightweight, the CMA-1100 Mk3 offers superior readability in all lighting conditions with power-optimized LED backlighting and the highest resolution EFB display in its class. It provides advanced processing capabilities based on the most recent Enhanced Intel SpeedStep® Technology which allows the system to dynamically adjust processor voltage and core frequency based on CPU demand, decreasing average power consumption and heat production

Packed with the same connectivity and storage options as other CMC PilotView® products, and given its compliance with the DO-160E standard for Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment, the CMA-1100 Mk3 becomes the logical choice for installation in the cockpit.

PilotView® CMA-1108

PilotView® CMA-1108

The PilotView® CMA-1108 relies on the same avionics grade, lightweight and rugged platform as the CMA-1100 Mk3. It offers the best solution for compact cockpit environments with the lowest weight complete Class 2 EFB solution on the market today.

Slick Design

Optimized for CMC’s Main Menu Suite® and other popular EFB applications, the CMA-1108 benefits from an intuitive set of bezel keys and graphical ‘soft’ keyboard configuration. Its compact form factor common with the CMA-1100 Mk3 shares the same Intel® processor baseline and cutting-edge LED backlit LCD display.

Room to Grow

The PilotView® CMA-1108 is a proven EFB platform with unlimited growth options to support advanced EFB applications and aircraft system connectivity. Its optional dual OS configuration enables both Type-A/Type-B as well as protected Type-C applications, and the integrated graphics and memory controller allows for ample support of graphics intensive operations.

Expansion Module Units

The PilotView® Electronic Flight Bags are installed in conjunction with an Expansion Module Unit (EMU), that offers a certified interface to aircraft power and data links. These EMUs enable a wide range of interconnectivity and seamless high-speed communications. In situations where the 28VDC power line is unavailable or already heavily solicitated, an optional Power Converter Unit (PCU) can be installed to convert 110VAC/400Hz input to the required 28VDC output.


Enhanced Expansion Module Unit (EEMU)

Enhanced Expansion Module Unit (EEMU)


  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
  • ARINC429 (2Rx/1Tx)
  • Discrete I/O support (4Rx/ 2Tx)
  • RS232 Interface (x1), RS422 Interface (x1)
  • USB 2.0 ports (x2)
  • Video (RS170/NTSC) (optional)


Ethernet Switching Module Unit (ESMU)

Ethernet Switching Module Unit (ESMU)

The ESMU has the same installation foot print as the EEMU and allows for the following aircraft interface capabilities:


  • Ethernet 10/100 Base-T (x4)
  • ARINC429 (4Rx/2Tx up to 8Rx/ 4Tx)
  • Discrete I/O support (4Rx/2Tx up to 8Rx/ 4Tx)
  • RS232 Interface (x1), RS422 Interface (x1)
  • USB 2.0 ports (x2)
  • Video (RS170/NTSC) (x1 up to x4)


Power Converter Unit (PCU)

110VAC/400Hz  Power Converter Unit (PCU)

Compact and easy to install, the 110-122VAC/400Hz Power Converter Unit (PCU) outputs +28VDC/100W rated power from a single-phase 115VAC/400Hz input source (per RTCA/DO-160E).



  • 100 – 122 Volt AC Input Range @ 390 Hz to 410 Hz
  • 28VDC Output with 0-100 Watts Range
  • 1000 Volt Input/Output Isolation
  • Withstands Power Interruption for Periods up to 50ms at 115VAC input
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • Input Transient, Voltage Surge and Spike Protection
  • Integrated EMI/RFI Input Filter
  • Inrush Current Protection (Under 30A for less than 200ms)
  • Operational Air Temperature of -15 to +55 °C
  • Natural Convection Cooling

PilotView® EFB Applications

CMC offers a full suite of industry leading applications to satisfy the operational requirements for a wide range of business jet and air transport aircraft types. CMC’s family of PilotView® products is ideally suited to support a comprehensive suite of Type-A, Type-B and Type-C applications, including charting, moving maps, performance calculations and pilot collaboration tools.

Out of the box

The PilotView® EFB software environment is supported by a Windows 7 operating system and is delivered with CMC's Main Menu utility and several preconfigured applications.

Applications - Outof the Box

  • Main Menu Suite 2.0: The Main Menu Suite provides a configurable environment for rapid and consistent access to applications during all phases of flight. Designed specifically with cockpit operations in mind, the large touch zones and compound color scheme reduce eye fatigue and allow the flight crew to access applications rapidly at any time.
  • sideView®: Provides an instantaneous view of the other pilot’s screen regardless of the type of application in use.
  • eDocView® : A user-managed indexing and presentation tool for documents of all types.
  • noteView®: Designed to allow drafting notes on an EFB using a graphical user interface in both portrait and landscape modes.
  • calcView®: Standard calculator functions in a convenient layout.


Advanced Applications

CMC also offers custom-built applications that optimize information, communication, data downloading and pilot collaboration in the cockpit – making the EFB a true focal point for crew information applications.

Advanced Applications

  • CMCView®: An intuitive video display application that can handle up to four high resolution camera sources, with independent video feed selection from each EFB.
  • En-Route Weather: Real-time weather display overlay on flight-plan driven moving maps (requires Iridium datalink installation).
  • eFlight Report: Supports interactive flight data, pilot log entries, and multiple flight leg management in a customizable report format.
  • FlightView: Represents surrounding terrain, water, obstacles, airports and runways in an FAA AC 23-26 compliant Synthetic Vision environment (includes flight planning functions).
  • Tandem™: Innovative cross-platform application designed to securely exchange flight plans, charts and other application data between tablets such as the iPad and CMC’s PilotView® products.


Supported Applications

In addition to a complete selection of CMC custom applications, the PilotView® product line can support a variety of third party applications (charting, performance calculations, eTechlog), whereby installation of these applications can be performed by the Operator or supported by CMC’s Application Integration and Verification Services.

Supported Applications

Application Integration and Verification Services

The PilotView® EFB product line supports any operator-specific application that is compatible with a Windows® XP/Windows® 7 environment. The EFB included "Setup and Test" tool enables the user to modify the Main Menu to enable easy access to custom applications.

For new or user-specific applications and configurations, CMC provides an optional Application Integration and Verification Service which includes application-specific verification, image creation and configuration, and an image field management service.

Each new application may be associated with its own data requirements and/or communication protocol. CMC’s Application Integration and Verification Service  ensures a seamless application integration and worry free operational approval.

CMC also offers pre-configured OS images including its “Jeppesen FliteDeck3 ready” image.

Please contact your CMC representative for additional information.

Main Menu Suite 2.0 sideView® eDocView® noteView®CMCView® En-Route Weather eFlight Report FlightView

PilotView® Installations and Certifications

CMC's EFB solution is built around the avionics grade PilotView® EFB system. Small enough to fit in all cockpit configurations, the system is light weight, totaling approximately 8lbs* for a fully installed system. Multiple interfaces, including integrated IEEE 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi, PCMCIA, USB 2.0, 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, RS232, ARINC 429 and several discrete I/O Rx & Tx channels provide the operator with a variety of methods for communications and updating of EFB data such as electronic charts and documents. All equipment is DO-160E qualified, providing a controlled means of assuring the performance characteristics of airborne equipment in environmental conditions similar to those which may be encountered in airborne operation of the equipment.


PilotView® Installation
Picture courtesy of Dassault Aviation


Installation Flexibility

Installation is facilitated by integrated cockpit mount options for both the pilot and co-pilot side, supporting a variety of available aircraft installation designs. CMC provides both yoke and side mounted configurations, simplifying single-hand operation and the adjustment of EFB positioning and viewing angle. A hot-pluggable latching mount releases the display unit for mobile use, while the simple, yet robust hardware ensures that once the display unit is returned to its mount, it remains securely fastened during all phases of flight.



OEM Experience

CMC’s Electronic Flight Bags are the only EFB systems to have successfully passed rigorous aircraft OEM testing and qualification procedures and have subsequently been selected by ATR, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault and Embraer as the only Class 2 EFB or Class 3 offered factory option.


Aircraft Type OEM
ATR 42 / 72 ATR
B737NG Boeing
Global XRS / 5000 Bombardier
CRJ700 / 900 / 1000 Bombardier
F2000 / 900 / 7X Dassault
Legacy 600/650 Embraer
E170/165/190 Embraer


Supplemental Type Certificates (STC’s)

Having delivered over 3,000 EFB systems, CMC is a global leader in meeting demanding EFB requirements for a long list of diverse customers. CMC's PilotView® EFB is at the head of its class in terms of the breadth of platforms on which it has been retrofitted.

Current STC's cover over 30 platforms, held by a variety of aircraft maintenance, modification, completion and refurbishment providers.


Aircraft Type STC Holder
A330/A340 CMC/PMV
B747-400 CMC / PMV
B757 ABX Ai
CL604 Avionicare
Bombardier CRJ200, CL850 Mid Canada Mod Center
Embraer-EMB135J Ruag
Falcon 10 / 50 / 900 Mid Canada Mod Center
Falcon 2000 Pentastar Aviation
Falcon 2000EX ABC Completions
B737-700 BBJ ABC Completions
Challenger 604 / 605 ABC Completions
Global Express / 5000 ABC Completions
Challenger 604 / 605 Midcoast Aviation
Global Express / 5000 Midcoast Aviation
Gulfstream G100/150/GII/GIIB/GIII/GIV /GV/GVSP Pentastar Aviation
Gulfstream GIV/GV Gulfstream
Gulfstream GIII / GIV Mid Canada Mod Center

Updates and Upgrades

Proven Technology – Room to Grow

Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI)

CMC recognizes that operator requirements and technology evolve over time. Given that CMC pioneered its EFB solution as an “open-system”, the expansion possibilities from both an aircraft interface as well as a technology currency perspective are nearly endless.

Supporting growth options to Type-C applications, CMC’s PilotView® system is the first EFB approved for the Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI), through FAA Technical Standard Order Approval (TSOA) for Avionics Supporting Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Aircraft Surveillance Applications (ASA) (obtained with the ACSS® SafeRoute™).

Aircraft Grade Equipment

PilotView® EFB

Unlike most commercially available tablet solutions, CMC’s PilotView® product line is evolving with the aircraft operator’s costs in mind.

In keeping current with the latest trends in display, touch screen and CPU processing technology, CMC consistently provides technology upgrades that allow its clients to benefit from advanced technical evolutions without a complete system retrofit.

For example, CMC’s latest PilotView® Service Bulletin allows current CMA-1100 customers to upgrade to the CMA-1100 Mk3 configuration in the same form factor, benefitting from a three-fold performance improvement in processor computing time, reduced power consumption with the LED display backlighting and Intel SpeedStep® technology, and optional dual touch screen for advanced manipulation of charts and other data in multi-touch capable applications.

Please register here as a current CMC EFB customer for access to all Service Bulletins, or contact CMC for additional details.

Customer Support

Having been involved in the world of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) since the late 1990s, and with more than 2,500 EFB systems in operation worldwide, CMC has an established customer support team dedicated to meeting customer demands and schedules.

CMC offers a number of ways to contact our customer support department. Please refer to our central customer support page to contact us in any method convenient to you.

Extensive Document Library

Organizations that have purchased equipment from CMC in the past or operators/service facilities that have third party agreements with CMC, have access to a complete list of technical documents, providing the most relevant and appropriate documentation. Functions are available in the document library to setup automatic alerts when existing documentation is updated or new documents are created.

Please click here to access the Customer Support Documentation Library.

Unique to the world of EFBs


Exclusive to our PilotView® customers, WebTools™ is a web-based product support portal providing up-to-date news on PilotView® EFBs as well as exclusive applications and configuration management tools for our products. This web site is accessed via a dedicated, secure, customer account.

WebTools™ offers access to the typical content you would expect from a product portal, such as product news and available updates, Q&A and frequently asked questions, as well as quick link shortcuts to most commonly visited information. However where WebTools™ offers exceptional value to our customers, is the ability for our users to store and download saved EFB menu/application configuration settings, and restore their latest software customization settings in case a re-installation would be necessary.

  • Download new and updated CMC software applications
  • Download third party software fixes, and utility software updates
  • Access PilotView® Computer Based Training (CBT) programs

For more information on WebTools™ or subscription information, please contact your CMC representative.