Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS)


Reaching the Next Level of Performance in Adverse Visual Conditions

Enhanced Vision Systems

CMC Electronics Inc. has developed the SureSight® Enhanced Vision System (EVS) family of products to increase flight crew situational awareness by helping them see through fog, haze, precipitation and at night to improve overall safety and aircraft economic efficiency. This is accomplished by using infrared (IR) sensor systems.

EVS provides an image on the Head Up Display (HUD), a Head Down Display (HDD) or both to enable the pilot(s) to see the terrain/airport environment in low visibility situations. EVS significantly improves situational awareness, not only during take-off, approach and landing, but also during ground manoeuvering.

CMA-2700 SureSight® I-Series™ Sensor

ISS CMA-2700 Scene

ISS CMA-2700 Scene

ISS CMA-2600 Scene

ISS CMA-2600 Scene

  • The CMA-2700 is a brand new platform aimed at reaching the next level in video performance.
  • Represents a leap in a pilot's ability to visualize and interpret scene content, particularly in adverse weather conditions.
  • Mechanically compatible with CMC's existing line of I-Series Integrated Sensor Systems, representing a ideal retrofit candidate for existing I-Series customers.

The CMA-2700 will provide a pilot with an unparalleled ability to visualize and interpret scene content through the implementation of:

  • Industry's highest resolution Focal Plane Array (FPA) - will provide 5 times as many pixels on the same visual scene as current systems.
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) - will provide a new balance between the display of low and high intensity infrared scenes.

In addition, the CMA-2700 will feature:

  • Digital video processing with interfaces compatible with dual digital HUD installations.
  • Mechanical compatibility with existing CMA-2600 and CMA-2600i Integrated Sensor Systems for retrofit applications.
  • Industry's highest level of certification: Level B certification to DO-178B and DO-254 - supporting innovative Advanced Vision System concepts where 0/0 visibility is the overriding objective.

Flight Test Video Clips

Landing in fog at Lewisburg, West VA

Landing in fog at Frederick, MD

Night Landing at Lunken, OH

Situational Awareness at Lunken, OH