Frequently Asked Questions

CMA-2700 SureSight® I-Series™ Sensor

What are the improvements in image processing?

CMC is developing hardware and software architectures to perform Advanced Digital Signal Processing with the capability to receive digital data from the Focal Plan Array, process it in real time and provide a digital video output compliant to ARINC 818 standards. The system will also output video in RS-170 format, primarily for retrofit applications.

Is the CMA-2700 replacing the CMA-2600 or the CMA-2600i?

CMC is growing its family of Integrated Sensor Systems with the introduction of the CMA-2700. This product complements CMC's family of I-Series Integrated Sensor Systems.

Will CMC be able to obtain export approval for the CMA-2700 (ITAR)?

Commercial precedents already exist for the limited commercial use of such an FPA and CMC is very confident of obtaining approval from United States State Department for this FPA well in advance of this Integrated Sensor System entering flight testing with its launch customer.

Who is the launch customer for the CMA-2700?

The launch customer for the CMA-2700 is Rockwell Collins Inc., Head-up Guidance System, supplier of the Enhanced Flight Vision System for Bombardier Aerospace's Global 5000 and Global Express XRS equipped with the Global Vision cockpit.