CMC Electronics’ offers a variety of optoelectronic microcircuits devices. These include optical detectors and receivers with multiple choices of Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) and Transimpedance Amplifier (TIAs), custom detector arrays, emitters and transmitters. We work with a variety of optical detectors made of Si or InGaAs. The photodetector can be a single element or multiple elements such as quadrant or arrays; they can be simple PIN or APDs. APDs can offer improved sensitivity depending on various selected APD characteristics. The optical receivers incorporate transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and thermoelectric cooler (TEC). These products are offered in hermetic packages for high reliability and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. The optical hybrids are designed and manufactured with the most suitable technology for applications such as

  • Eye-safe Laser range finding
  • LiDAR (airborne LiDAR, onboard LiDAR, scanning LiDAR, Atmospheric LiDAR)
  • Eye-safe laser spot tracking and laser alignment
  • Laser profiling
  • Free-space optical communication
  • Medical analysis
  • Security detection

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Technical Paper presented at Photonics West: High gain, low noise InGaAs APD receiver with fast overload recovery and stable performance through wide temperature range

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Optical Receivers

CMC Electronics offers optical receivers with InGaAs or Si APDs in a 12-lead TO-8 package. These receivers are designed with low-noise GasFET input transimpedance amplifier; also with amplifier and built-in thermoelectric cooler. Each amplifier has an overload input protection circuit for fast recovery. These modules are designed for a 100-ohm output load connection ( AC or DC coupled, as required by design)

Key features include:

  • Low noise preamp
  • Bandwidth ranges: 50MHz to 300 MHz
  • Large CW voltage swing
  • Fast overload recovery
  • APD on built-in Internal TEC
  • Thermistor T˚ sensor

Customization such as bandwidth selection, NEP screening, responsivity optimization and packaging including fiber optic or optical connector are available to fit your system design needs.

In addition to the APD receivers, CMC Electronics also offers dual wavelength InGaAs PIN Quadrant detector for operation over a 950nm-1650nm band. The detector includes four internal transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) in a hermetically sealed package

  • 1mm quadrant detector
  • 90kΩ Zt with 30MHz bandwidth
  • Higher bandwidth available
  • Four TIAs
  • Large CW voltage swing