Navigation Sensors

CMA-2012 Doppler Velocity Sensor and Navigation System

CMA-2012 Doppler Velocity Sensor and Navigation System

  • Provides self-contained velocity measurement and navigation capabilities for helicopters.
  • Excellent hover performance over water.
  • Great insensitivity to precipitation or dust.
  • Excellent performance over all speed/attitude ranges.


The CMA-2012 is the most accurate and reliable Doppler Velocity Sensor (DVS) on the market and is the result of CMC Electronics’ 40-year history of building airborne Doppler sensors and navigation systems.

A DVS is an airborne radar used to continuously measure the velocity of an aircraft with regards to its 3 axes (i.e. front-aft, left-right and up-down). The CMA-2012 utilizes Frequency Modulated/Continuous Wave transmission, a technique pioneered by CMC, offering the advantage of lower complexity, higher reliability and simpler maintenance over any other competing modulation technique.

The CMA-2012 is most successfully used for Search and Rescue (SAR) and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) applications, because it measures the velocity of the helicopter with respect to the water surface. Hence, a helicopter can precisely track a moving object carried by water current or tide, without increasing pilot workload. This is an important feature related to rescue crew safety.

The CMA-2012 can provide navigation sensor functions, and compute present position and other navigation information. Unlike a GPS receiver, it is a totally self-contained sensor which is not susceptible to jamming, spoofing, masking or dual point failure. It also provides accurate attitude information for fire control and weapons delivery.

Because of its performance and low weight, the CMA-2012 has been selected for the Eurocopter Tiger Attack Helicopter, the Bell Helicopter 412 “UTTH” for the Canadian Army, AgustaWestland EH-101 for SAR missions as well as for several other programs.